So in an interview Q-tip said “If there’s a Cruel Summer then there’s gotta be a Cruel Winter”. So Kanye, here’s what I’ma need

  • Q-Tip on some tracks
  • Mos Def on some tracks
  • more Cudi than there was, and ‘Creepers’ was done a long time ago for errybody who ain’t know….
  • more Common than there was too, he only had one short verse
  • No the-dream features at all
  • no 2 chainz unless it’s on hype songs like ‘Mercy’ or something in that field, he felt out of place on The Morning
  • less features from people who aren’t G.O.O.D music, it kinda defeats the purpose of doing a ‘G.O.O.D music’ album if people like Raekwon steal the show, or R.Kelly gets more time on a song than you do
  • more than 12 songs, I mean really doe

And this is somewhat unrelated but where’s the Cruel Summer movie at!?

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